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We are your hosts, Rosa and Gildas – a typically untypical Croatian-Swiss couple that ended up in Dubrovnik after something that was supposed to be a day-trip more than ten years ago. Life usually has plans of its own, and the universe often doesn’t care much about one’s planning.

Shortly after our arrival, we got this wild idea to open “Smuuti Bar” – a juice bar where we made smoothies and juices from fresh fruit and vegetables. Our first project did extremely well, but very soon we noticed a need for something bigger. With increasing awareness about the importance of nutrition, and vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free lifestyles, we decided to take a bold step and open the first exclusively vegetarian restaurant in Dubrovnik. At the time, most restaurants believed meat or fish should be the focus of every meal.

“What sort of food will you prepare in your restaurant? Fish? Meat?” people used to ask.
“Nothing like that.” we said.
“What will you cook then?”
“Nothing” we replied.

“Nishta” means “nothing” in Croatian – that is how we named our restaurant. At the time we didn’t know of its Hindi meaning “devotion”. Since we have put our hearts, souls, and a lot of hard work to make the restaurant succeed – this came as a welcome surprise.

What we had thought was going to be a one-day trip, somehow became an adventure that continues to unfold. Learning from the journey behind us, we proudly move forward and continue to inspire with some of the best vegan dishes Croatia has to offer. Visit us in the heart of Dubrovnik or contact us to make a reservation.

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