The Vegan Carnivore

The Vegan Carnivore - Nishta Restaurant Cookbook

...Now you can prepare many of our signature dishes in your kitchen with the help of our first cookbook “The Vegan Carnivore”. It contains fifty recipes that marked Nishta Restaurant’s first ten years of gourmet adventures.
After 10 years, we decided to put our culinary creativity on paper. As a result, The Vegan Carnivore Cookbook was created. It features hand-drawn typography and illustrations capturing the character of each recipe, and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who likes to cook, or is looking to expand their vegetarian recipe collection. Our cookbook is available for purchase on location, but you can also order online (250,00 kn + shipping) by filling out this form. Just send us a message and we'll send you the details.
  You can also download the e-book from Amazon.  
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